Friday, July 22, 2005


Originally uploaded by Toyebot.
Illustration friday, missed last weeks because I was gearing for the San Diego Comic Con. If you ever get a chance go check it out, madness! Met alot of really cool artists and funny people. Pics on flickr.

Anyways "Karma" it will come back and tap you on your shoulder.



chacha said...

hey nice illo. i missed this weeks cuz ive been on vacation. my buddy works on video games out in san diego and he was doing some signings there at one of the conventions out there. he was completely stoked about it. man i really wanna go one of these years and would definately give me a reason to get out to california!

Toyebot said...

thanks. Definitely go if you get a chance! It was a blast and you'll have friends out there too. Enjoy your vacation, cheers.

chacha said...

id love to. maybe next year. we shall see. i am enjoying my vacation tons, thanks! and one week from today, i will be in the big apple!! cant wait!!

Michelle said...

This guy has an uncanny resemblance to a guy I went to school with.