Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Originally uploaded by Toyebot.
Illustration Friday back. "Small" is the word. I can help...I can help... really I may be small but I can help.
It's ok this is for big people.



Rowena said...

Very nice work! I like your other illustrations too... very inspiring! :)

Fancy World said...

Very nice illo and wonderful colors.

Queen Tut said...

Lol, I love the red shoes and your colouring style.

Holly said...

Very charming illustration. I always love those pant tugs from my little one. Sweet!

krista said...

That's super cute. My kid always wants to help in the kitchen. This picture reminded me of how tall I must look to him.

steph said...

love the layout of this illustration. awesome!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Very sweet.

ValGalArt said...

love this!

Majane said...


Toyebot said...

Hello fellow artists,
Row-thankx all artists inspire each other.
Fancy-glad you like
QT-haha maybe to bright.
Holly-they are cute at that age.
Krista- Give em a chance to help;)
Steph- thx for coming by.
Val-come again sometime.

bye for now.

vfm4 said...

very nice... cute little boy... :)

Lawnz said...

Best post for small thus far... awesome man. I love your style. You draw how I would want to draw. Very cool.

constanthing said...

Such a cute eager boy, the shoes are a nice touch!

HannoverFist said...

This is PERFECT! I love it.

Fancy World said...

Hey, thank you very much for your nice comment on my site, I'm glad that people like my stuff.

Alina Chau said...

SOOOO cute!

Toyebot said...

vfm4-many thanks
Lawnz-hello, what? stop it, your too kind! Cheers
CT-maybe too bright for a boy:)
HF-glad ya likes!thx
FW-Keepit going!
AC-aww, shucks.

take care everyone.
till next IF.