Friday, December 16, 2005


Originally uploaded by Toyebot.
Illustration Friday, last friday...
Surprise! It's not the Super Awesomo Ultra Robot with Kung Fu kick that you asked for, it's a salmon colored dress shirt perfect for those family gatherings. Oh well it's the thought that counts right? Sigh Maybe next year...



vfm4 said...

been there.. wish you better presents this year... :-)

carla said...

Hey - at least it's not socks and a toothbrush! I really like the colors you used here (yes, even the salmon) and the scratchy lines - it looks great. I hope you get all the awesome gifts you want this year:>>>

isay said...

lucky to have at least a salmon colored dress shirt but wait- january is already next year!

Rachelle said...

Ah yes, the stages of coping with a crappy gift ... surprise, anger, denial ... asking for the receipt so you can exchange it!!! lol

Great illo.

Jojo said...

Very cute drawing!

chacha said...

poor little guy. im gonna buy him a smokin robot! thatll make his xmas! :) i love the green shades! happy holidays.

happy d said...

hey that's awesome that we posted right after each other!

i like the story that goes along with your illo this week mr. toye :)

Toyebot said...

Thanx y'all!
vfm4-thankyou...wishes to you too.hmmm ipod?
carla-It's the thought that counts remember;) happy holidays.
isay-haha i guess so.
rachelle-cheers, wish you happy xmas.
jojo-Glad you like! nice to meet you.
chacha-yes that will:) happyholidays to you too.
happyd-like your wabbit!