Monday, January 30, 2006

Villains Pinup

Here's the color version of the pinup for "Villains"
When the bank doesnt agree with me then this is what I wish I could do.
just kidding...but not really.

Ink & Photoshop


happy d said...

hehehe niiice!

your ability to define great lighting is apparent in this piece :) where can we pick up a copy of the book that this illo is showcased in?

Toyebot said...

Thanks happy d! The best thing is to go to your local comic shop and ask to pre-order Villains #1!


awesome pinup! ill be sure to check out the issue.

constanthing said...

Way cool! The fire's awesome!

Adam said...

How about I stalk you around the web and comment wherever you post this pinup?

Just wanted to remind you how sensational this lil' baby turned out and how pleased I am to have it in the book.

Characterization, color, lighting, all working together masterfully.

Great work, Derek!

Adam said...


I should also mention that this issue of Villains can be pre-ordered through the Feb edition of Previews magazine, available now.

Order number: FEB06 3371

Toyebot said...

Thanks dudes,
Onesick-Cheers dude looking forward to more of your IF stuff.
Constant- Your work is looking better and better each time.
Adam- oh no you're twisting my arm!


m cho said...

sweet drawing -- luv the colouring especially. I'm looking forward to seeing this book!

Sean Hayden said...

Nice illustration and the sketch previous, great blog.

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME character!! Very nice illo! beautifully done!

Alessandro_PPG said...

Incredible! Fantastic illustration! Absurdamente genial as suas ilustrações! Sou o seu fã amigo! Very cool!

Toyebot said...

thx guys n gal!!! cheers

xenos said...

just clicking around on your blog man and came across this. really diggin it. do you have a port site i can check out.