Saturday, September 30, 2006


Originally uploaded by Toyebot.
Illustration Friday! Hey I'm way early. Stop, clear your can hear so much going around you, sometimes it gets overwelming. So much so that you just want to say "Quiet! I'm trying to hear myself think!"
We all could use a little quiet time.



Rrramone said...

Yes we can. Nice interpretation. :-)

Michelle Lana said...

very cool and great illo!

Patrick O'Keefe said...

looks great, nice to see another vancouvrite in this

the heartful blogger said...

Excellent, love the shadows.

Alina Chau said...

very cool style!

Anonymous said...

Haha great! You've got some really cool stuff here.

constanthing said...

Quiet is illuminating. Missed your past few postings, great as ever!

chacha said...

very well put and yes you are very early. kudos!!

Toyebot said...

Thank you everyone.
rrramone- thx for dropping by.
ml- like your work
po-yes likewise!
ac-love your sketches.
r-nice to meet you.
ct-been abit busy, thx so much!
cha-ha lets see how the next one goes!

alright till next time.

PaulSketch said...

ooooo the shading on this guy is GREAT!! I like the simple idea too
oh! I just got an idea for my submission thank you