Sunday, August 01, 2010

Captain America in color!

Well, managed to finish that Captain America and even submitted it to Project Rooftop.
The inking stage went thru some slight changes in proportion. The coloring stage, just kept a muted slightly desaturated color scheme to get a more realistic feel. Again this version was based on a SWAT look and I wanted to have a strong sense of authority. Captain America, one-man Ass-kicking machine!


Mark Kardwell said...

This is a great design, that'd work well on camera: a super-heroic riot cop, BUT he's a captain - so why only sergeant's stripes on his shoulders?

Toyebot said...

Thx Mark! DOH! good eye! I was abit rushed getting it done and didnt double check on the stripes thing darn it!

Lighthouse Pilot said...

I dig the lines of the seams on the mask and the darker blue and red give him a tougher look. Nice stride as well.

E is for Erwin said...

nicely done!

BEADLE said...

This is so RAD !

your pal,