Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Canucks vs Predators - Winner

So the series wasn't as exciting as round 1 but it definitely had it's moments. Nashville is one of the hardest working teams out there and showed they weren't just gonna roll over. In the end they got hit by the Bomber. Kesler was our superhero for this series. Thank you! Now on to Round 3!


Mary said...

I'm giggling really loudly at work, and getting some really strange looks from coworkers passing by my desk. Great job on the picture!.

I can't wait to see the piece you create to mark the start of round three - although I guess you can't really start working on it until that series is finished...

Regardless, fantastic work! I'm really glad Canucks.com did a feature on your art - it's very good. :)

PPS: Any chance we can see a photo of your dog? Maybe wearing a Canucks jersey, so we know where her true loyalies lie? ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE This. I was crying from laughing so hard when they panned the camera and all you see is Carrie Underwood crying. XD But keep the drawing up! It's amazing, and go Canucks! :)

Toyebot said...

haha thx Mary & Anon! I'll try to put one of my dog ..eventually haha.. Thank you very much and it makes me happy to please fellow canucks!