Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spider-Man - Project Rooftop

Project rooftop submission. My Spider-Man costume was influenced by the old TV Spidey movies and japanese shows. I really liked the web-shooters and wanted to keep a utility belt on the outside but didnt want them to stand out too much either. I went for deeper colors to achieve a more modern feel. The eyes are Oakley-like lenses and a lightweight hardshell backpack to carry his street clothes. I always wondered about those webbed armpits!


Ray Wu Artist said...

Fantastic. It's really, really stylish and new but still looks like Spiderman, which is I think where a lot of these entries fall short.

Toyebot said...

Thx ray!

Alex Getts said...

Came across your site via P:R. Dunno if you'd be interested, but my site ( does monthly superhero redesign contests. If you ever want to submit, I'd be more than happy to feature your work.