Thursday, October 27, 2005


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Illustration Friday, "Remote" is the word.
It took awhile but I think I finally found the remote, now I can be in

Marker & photoshop

Thursday, October 20, 2005


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Illustration Friday again, this time it's "Cold". All I know is that this hurts.


Ink & photoshop


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Illustration "last" Friday.
Lost was last weeks word. I had this image of a scared little squirrel lost on a page, no background, no trees, no nuts, well maybe one but really no idea of where the hell he is.

Pencil & photoshop

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Argh, I got tagged by chacha. I think I'm supposed to say 20 random things about me and then pass it to as many people as it took me to fill it out. Here goes, I'm choosing all you talented people from all over.

1. I like comics.
2. I eat french fries with ketchup and mayo.
3.Hockey is back and that makes me and all of canada happy.
4.I like drawing and painting if you havent guessed it.
5.Illustration friday has introduced me to many talented and
interesting people all over the world.
6.Dragonboating is my other hobbie.
7.If I didnt have high metabolism I'd be in trouble.
8.I work at an animation company.
9.My apartment is just the right size...for now.
10.I used to watch every van damme movie that came out.
11.Hulk Hogan was my favorite wrestler.
12.I wish to own a beagle some day.
13.I still wake up and have cereal when I watch cartoons
on saturday mornings.
14.I like musicals.
15.Coke or Pepsi...Coke
16.My girlfriend thinks I have more shoes than her, I dont.
17.I flip on the tv and check out the food network.
18.I love my mac.
19.I still have alot to learn.
20. We get snow here once in a while.

alright 6 people TAG! Hope you don't mind...

Saturday, October 08, 2005


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Illustration Friday, right on time which is late for me...will try to get to the next one earlier(honest).

Float is the word. Froggy here is floating happily on his lily pad. He could also be floating on the clouds above. When you get that feeling that you are floating it doesnt really matter what you are on.


hmmm kinda similar to the ducky in the pond...oh well.:)