Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Originally uploaded by Toyebot.
It might not be much for us to walk across the room but for a baby it's pretty daring to take that first step.

Scribbled in photoshop.


Amy said...

Very daring indeed. Love the blues in this 'scribble'.

the reluctant blogger said...

Cute illustration, and I love the coloring.

Cin said...

again, I'm so admiring your painting, so nicely done for a "scribble" !

Toyebot said...

Thanks everyone!
haha ok I quess when I use the word scribble, it's a little more than a scribble but I just mean sketching/painting really loose and keeping any "happy" accidents in the image.

Frizz said...

I love this. If you hadn't told us it was done in photoshop I would've guessed it was painted. It's great! What kind of brushes did you use??

Anonymous said...

Great idea, and beautiful colors.


Toyebot said...

Thanks tfrizzy,
Photoshop comes with all sorts of default brushes aswellallowing you to make your own too. I often just choose a default brush and then change it to suit what I'm looking for. For this one I started with a default #63 and then tweaked it until I had the crayon-like feel I wanted.


Anonymous said...

love this illo...the color and the use of the theme...