Thursday, May 05, 2005


Originally uploaded by Toyebot.
For Illustration friday, almost didn't get to this but better almost late than never.

Mr. Turtle sees his ambition,"You can do it! The best you can do!" he said to himself.

Sketch and paint in Photoshop.


Frizz said...

Great perspective. How do you get that texture using Photoshop??? You need to teach a class - ha ha!!
Love your stuff!

Danidoodle said...

Nice. Great concept and good rendering!

I'm amazed you did that in Photoshop. I cringe when I have to use it. Looks like I need to take your class. :)

chacha said...

awesome stuff. good interpretation of the topic. i always check back to see what youve come up with. keep it up.

levee said...

Great work Toyeboy! Are these all digital or are they scans?

Anonymous said...

This is clever, will slow and steady win the race? Great interpretation.


beth said...

your turtle is great. i was looking at your other i-fri illustrations and "alone" is probably my favorite. i really dig how you use photoshop to paint, but yet it does not look "cheesy" (like some computer paintings can look). your style is rich & holds its integruity.

Toyebot said...

thanks all!
Classes!?! haha, drop me and email and I'll do my best to explain.

levee- last 3 were digital.

Your digital file is a canvas, don't worry about making mistakes (although the undo option is handy:) paint like you would with the real thing, and lastly save every 5-10 minutes!