Friday, September 30, 2005


Originally uploaded by Toyebot.
Illustration Friday. Nothing starts the morning like a "fresh" egg!



vfm4 said...

wow! as simple and fresh as possible and those colors are terrific.. each new drawing of you is a surprise..
how good can you get?

carla said...

You're such a good egg..always coming up with these perfect little gems!

Anonymous said...

This is the Nicest of Nice I ever did see :) Good eggs always wish they were bad eggs though };-}

isay said...

the egg is saying, choose me i am fresh!

Valaine said...

I like eggs ^_^

love the colors love the texture love the face - great job!

bee'nme said...

Sweet and simple - perfect way to say "fresh". Very cute - I see he is sunny side up! Love it!

Toyebot said...

Thank you guys n gals.
Will really try to get some of these out sooner:)

vfm4-what? haha yah right. thankx.
carla-good egg, maybe scrambled more like it:)
'nonymus-deviled eggs?
isay-fresh it is, cheers.
valaine- first thing in the morning mmm.

till next time.

chacha said...

the infamous eggman. as soon as i saw this one, i thought of the beastie boys song! right on.

Alina Chau said...

Great illustration!! Simple and cute!!