Saturday, October 08, 2005


Originally uploaded by Toyebot.
Illustration Friday, right on time which is late for me...will try to get to the next one earlier(honest).

Float is the word. Froggy here is floating happily on his lily pad. He could also be floating on the clouds above. When you get that feeling that you are floating it doesnt really matter what you are on.


hmmm kinda similar to the ducky in the pond...oh well.:)


Anonymous said...

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chacha said...

ut oh looks like you got a joker leaving comments on your blog. i had one of those last nite, they are a real pain.
anyways, love this one. its real cute and he looks so happy to be sitting on his little lily pad. man if i had that view behind him all day long, i would be happy too!

Toyebot said...

Argh...jokers! guess I'll put up the wall again. Thanks for props Chacha! Trying to get last weeks up soon.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you will have to post 'lost' today if not late :) Froggy looks really happy to be floating on a lily pad. If you stuck him in the hot desert, I don't think the floaty feeling can overpower a being lost feeling :)

chacha said...

you have to post 20 random facts about yourself on your blog and then tag as many people as many minutes as it took for you to finish your list. have fun!

Alina Chau said...

Nice frog!!

vfm4 said...

so, how come i missed this one? cute little frog.. i bet he would mind too, getting tagged.. :)